Head Start

About Head Start

Navajo Head Start, an early childhood development organization established within the sacred mountains, utilizing holistic services to empower children, families and communities to become self-sufficient.

Through the practice of cultural skills and language, our children will gain a positive self-identity, strong self-esteem and confidence to become responsible citizens.
Navajo Head Start provides services to children, families, and local communities throughout the Navajo Reservation.

Head Start/Early Head Start is a unique, flexible program designed to address the needs of expectant mothers, fathers, and children in the center and in the home.

Navajo Head Start is subdivided into four Head Start and one Early Head Start regions. Serving (Central) Chinle, (Northern) Shiprock, Fort Defiance, Western and Eastern Agencies

Red Rock Information

Phone: (505) 905-2436

Location: Red Tag bldg # R005-011 Refuge Rock Road